Justins Bieber and Timberlake Join Up For 100th Digital Short on 'SNL' (Video)

SNL Digital Short Justin Bieber

If you're not familiar with The Lonely Island, the trio is behind nearly every digital short that's gone viral after airing on Saturday Night Live. Celebrating 100 digital shorts, the milestone was honored with a new, granddaddy song: With Andy, Jorma, and... Justin Bieber?

Bieber hinted earlier this week on Twitter that he would be making an appearance on SNL, but his fans had no idea what the pop star had in store for them. Turns out, Bieber had no idea what Andy Samberg had in store for him either. "Tonight we are celebrating our 100th short. Congratulations to us, truly a major milestone. Guess what we're going to do? Tonight, we're gonna suck our own c***."

"Wait, what? That's disgusting!" innocent, barely 18-year-old Justin interjected. But alas, there's no stopping these guys. Throughout the bit, there were several throwbacks to Digital Short favorites, including Shy Ronnie, Two Worlds Collide ft. Reba McEntire, Iran So Far (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad came on to show off his tapdancing skills), and Jizz in my Pants ("We've done things in our pants that don't bear repeating.")

Of course, Justin Timberlake had to show up for the celebration (bearing some personal presents in a box), and he introduced a plethora of cameos: Natalie Portman ("Yeah I had a baby, but I'm still crazy"), Michael Bolton (Jack Sparrow), Jon Hamm (sexy, shirtless saxophonist named Sergio), and even the night's musical guest, Usher ("Hey- I've never been in a digital short, but these white boys are obsessed with their d****s.") And yeah, host Will Ferrell came out too - ("I do endorse this song. My name is Will Ferrell and I'm sucking my own dong.")

If the rumors are true and Andy Samberg leaves SNL this year, we can only hope that Lorne Michaels brings him back repeatedly like he does other former cast members--if not just for his viral contributions to the show through his digital shorts.