Justin Bieber Shocks Fallon Crowd by Making Out With Dummy Head (Video)

Late NIght with Jimmy Fallon Justin Bieber - H 2012

Late NIght with Jimmy Fallon Justin Bieber - H 2012

Celebrity breakups are hard: After rumors of flirting with Victoria's Secret supermodels and grabbing a fan's breast in front of the press, Justin Bieber now has made out with a mannequin.

Bieber was challenged to a "random objects shooting contest" while on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, where the talk show host had the singer attempt to shoot a Tim Horton's iced cappuccino, a bowl of ramen noodles, a framed photo of Chuck Norris, a singing Justin Bieber doll and a mannequin head with a Brooklyn Nets cap through a basketball hoop. In preparing to shoot the doll head, Bieber began stroking its brown hair, threw off its hat, looked deep into its eyes and kissed the mannequin ... with plenty of tongue action.

"Hey, whoa whoa, no! Don't fall in love! Don't fall in love! It's so tricky," shouted Jimmy Fallon in front of the hoop. "Justin, don't fall in love with her! Focus, focus!"

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Bieber then shot the mannequin head into the hoop and missed. Fallon too smooched his doll's head before missing the shot as well.

The singer sat on the late night couch to promote his hosting gig on Saturday Night Live, as well as the new acoustic version of his hit album, Believe.

"It's kind of how I started: I started with just me on the internet, not really with all the produced pop music and stuff, so it's good that it's just really mellowed down," he told Fallon of the new album. "I wasn't made, I was found on YouTube, and this is just gonna show people that music is music ... I'm an artist."

Bieber also dished to the late-night host about his outdoor adventures, altruistically preventing car accidents and how all of his friends' names happen to have the word "Lil" in it.

But onto the video, which showcases the singer sensually smooching the head of a brunette (in real time AND slow motion):