Justin Timberlake Plays Games on 'The Tonight Show' While on Vocal Rest

THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON -  Episode 0953 - Justin Timberlake - Publicity-H 2018
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Justin Timberlake stopped by The Tonight Show on Thursday, though he wasn't able to speak due to being on vocal rest.

The interview began with host Jimmy Fallon handing Timberlake a pen and paper to help him answer the questions. Fallon asked Timberlake if he was doing well, to which the singer jokingly wrote, 'No.'

After showing the audience Timberlake and wife Jessica Biel's Halloween costumes with their son, Silas, Fallon explained that Timberlake can't speak because he bruised his vocal chords.

The singer made a running motion and Fallon interpreted, "You were running up a mountain and then there was a bear," said Fallon as he laughed. "It attacked you. 'Oh my God! Oh my God!' And then he got right in the throat.'"

Timberlake then changed the story and said that he was attacked by a shark while swimming.

He later motioned that Biel loves how quiet he's been. "This is probably the best thing to ever happen to Jessica," said Fallon.

Later in the segment, Fallon explained that he was contractually obligated to be on the show and couldn't cancel. "As one always says, the show must go on for me," said Fallon. He took the liberty of pre-recording what he believes would be Timberlake's answers so that they could still participate in the interview.

The host pulled out a phone with Timberlake's mouth on the screen. The singer was instructed to hold the phone up to his face so that it looked like he is answering Fallon's questions.

After Fallon thanked Timberlake for being on the show, he pressed the phone screen and Timberlake's mouth said, "Yo, dude, dude, man!" 

He then asked Timberlake to perform a song. After the automated Timberlake requested that The Roots help him out, the phone began to sing Timberlake's hit "Mirrors" with a hoarse voice.

Fallon transitioned the conversation to Timberlake's new memoir, Hindsight & All the Things I Can't See in Front of Me. The phone repeatedly said, "Mem-wah" as Timberlake moved his facial expressions accordingly. The repeated word quickly turned into the phone singing "My name's Justin, the mighty Justin" to the beat of the "The Lion Sleeps Tonight."

Due to Timberlake's vocal rest, the duo played a number of games to fill the time. One game was "Slow Turn, Tiny Nod." Fallon explained that they would each slowly turn their heads to the camera and nod. The competitor with the smallest nod would win. He added that they are not allowed to laugh.

Timberlake went first and held a steady facial expression as he slowly turned his head and tilted his chin down at the camera. "That's pretty good," Fallon said through laughter.

"Don’t make me laugh," said Fallon before he took his turn. Dramatic music began to play as Fallon visibly laughed. "It's so stupid," said Fallon and Timberlake laughed at him. Once composed, Fallon slowly turned his head and revealed a tight smirk on his face before nodding.

"This is sweeping the nation. Every kid is going to be playing this game," said Fallon.

For the next round, the host instructed Timberlake to turn around even slower and act like he swallowed a bee when he got to the camera. Timberlake was then told to give a "creepy wink," "look like you're constipated" and "do that snake neck dance" before giving a tiny nod.

Biel joined Timberlake and Fallon for another game. The host explained that Timberlake would ask the two competitors a question about himself. Biel and Fallon would then write down their answers. The person who answers the most questions correctly would be deemed Timberlake's best friend.

Timberlake first asked who his favorite rapper is and mentioned that there are two answers. Biel wrote that her husband's all time favorite rappers are Mace and Andre 3000. Fallon then said that the answer was Run DMC. Timberlake revealed that Biel guessed correctly.

The singer then challenged them to guess what his go-to cocktail is. They revealed their answers at the same time, with Biel writing that a tequila mule is Timberlake's favorite drink and Fallon guessing gin and tonic. Timberlake revealed that the answer was a tequila mule.

"What is going on? What is a tequila mule?" Fallon said. He then addressed Timberlake, "We drink gin and tonics. That's what we drink." After Timberlake motioned that he likes the drink but they aren't his favorite, Fallon responded, "You don't like what I do for you? The beverages we make and have. That's not fun for you?"

"I think it is fun. It's just not the most fun," said Biel.

Determined to catch up, Fallon told Timberlake to ask the next question. The singer held up a sign asking what his safe word is. All three of them held up their answers at the same time. They all wrote the word "pineapple" on their papers.

Fallon fell to the ground as the three burst into laughter. "How the heck did that just happen?" asked Fallon. "This is so bizarre."

Timberlake shared a motion to relay the message that "things just got weird."

The next question was, "What number am I thinking of between 1 and 5,000." Biel answered that he was thinking 2,300, while Fallon guessed 4,297. Timberlake then revealed his answer, which was the same number that Fallon guessed.

"I'm done. Bye," Biel said as she walked off stage. Fallon chased Biel, leaving Timberlake alone.

Timberlake's appearance concluded with Fallon stating how weird things got after he won the guessing game. The host handed Timberlake chicken noodle soup as he tried to exit the building.

Biel then walked into the frame and jokingly punched Fallon's face before walking into an elevator with Timberlake. The singer waved goodbye to Fallon as the host yelled, "Pineapple!"