Kris Jenner Promotes 'Sexual Enhancer' on CNN; Makes Don Lemon Squeamish

The Kardashian "momager" appears on the new network as the new face of arousal oil products and the newsman takes it in stride.

If I was alarmed to see that Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner was on CNN Thursday morning talking about a “sexual enhancer,” anchor Don Lemon must have been horrified that he was the one doing the interview.

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“Valentine’s Day is upon us and that means some of you may be shopping for love potions this weekend. And guess who has a new one to sell?” Lemon says in his segue from undoubtedly more pressing news into Jenner’s interview. “I can’t believe we have to talk to her about this.”

You and me both, Don. Apparently, Jenner is the new face of Zestra Essential Arousal Oils according to the company’s announcement on Thursday.

Allow me to list the various things she said while peddling the product on the cable news network.

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-- "You can make every day Valentine’s Day."

-- "Women seem to love it."

-- "I’ve been married 21 years. When I find something that can spice it up a little bit, I get really excited about it!”

-- "So this is a topical product, and it works instantly. I love instant gratification.”

And, that last line pretty much did me in. Don, I commend you. Watch the full interview below (courtesy of Mediaite).

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