Kate McKinnon Explains Why Her Rudy Giuliani Impression Came Naturally

Kate McKinnon has played her fair share of Trump-related characters on Saturday Night Live, but on Thursday's episode of Late Night, the actress revealed impersonating Rudy Giuliani — the former mayor of New York City and Trump's new lawyer — "wasn't as hard" as she thought it would be.

In chatting with host Seth Meyers, McKinnon credited SNL writer Kent Sublette with the idea of her playing Giuliani, though the suggestion actually came just the night before the May 5th episode. She reenacted her initial response to the offer: a wide-open mouth and a "...yeah?"

The reason Giuliani ended up coming naturally to her, McKinnon said, was because they have "something in common."

"We both go like this," she said, proceeding to pull her head back and open her eyes wide. 

Meyers suggested Giuliani must've been stealing the move from McKinnon, and she seemed to agree. "I think he was, because I've been doing it a long time," she said. 

McKinnon will make her last appearance of the season on this weekend's SNL finale.