Kate McKinnon Gives "Hero" Emma Thompson an Opulent 'SNL' Welcome

Emma Thompson attends 'The Children Act' UK -Getty-H 2019
Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

Saturday Night Live host Emma Thompson gets an over-the-top welcome from castmember Kate McKinnon during the promo for this week's episode of the NBC sketch show.

The clip opens with McKinnon explaining that that she convinced producer Lorne Michaels to let her give Thompson the tour. "Emma Thompson's mine, man. Back off!" she said. "I scared him."

The first stop on the tour is Thompson's dressing room, which is decorated with books, a map, teacups, a mini globe and a lamp. Thompson asks if they specifically decorated the room for her, though McKinnon tries to play it cool. "I didn't do anything to it with my own money," she responds. "Certainly not 'cause you're my hero and I want you to feel comfortable."

The dressing room also includes a comfortable chair, slippers and a bell that Thompson can ring whenever she needs anything.

Thompson soon notices a chair with the name "Kate" on it. "It has my name on it. I thought if I could just sit here, then pop up the second you needed anything and then go get it for you," explains McKinnon.

The castmember then shows off the record player in the room. She ensures Thompson that the Jonas Brothers, who magically appear in the room, will also be available to perform if the record player breaks. While Kevin and Nick explain that they can't necessarily play any song that Thompson would like, Joe Jonas insists, "We do know all the bangers."

Thompson next notices a fireplace in the dressing room. After she asks if it is connected to a chimney, a fire alarm goes off. As Thompson looks for a way to exit the room, McKinnon tries to get details on the Oscar-winning actress' previous experience of working with Anthony Hopkins in The Remains of the Day.

Thompson will be joined by the Jonas Brothers on this week's episode of SNL. Watch the full promo below.