Kathy Griffin Slams Michele Bachmann's Husband (Video)

During an interview on CBS' "Late Late Show," the comedian says she was going to call her Bravo special "Pray the Gay Back," as a play on a controversial clinic run by Marcus Bachmann.
Ray Tamarra/Getty Images

Kathy Griffin has been very vocal about her criticisms of Republican presidential hopeful Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, mostly accusing her of anti-gay bigotry.

Now the comedian is pointing her lasers at Bachmann's husband, Marcus Bachmann, who runs a controversial clinic that reportedly uses prayer to reverse its patients’ homosexuality.

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Griffin, who hosted Bravo’s comedy special Kathy Griffin: Pants Off, talked to Craig Ferguson on the Late Late Show about how she originally wanted to call the special “Pray the Gay Back.”

"The Bravo special was supposed to be called 'Pray the Gay Back.' You get the Marcus Bachmann joke? Marcus Bachmann is one of my new favorite targets, he's Michele Bachmann's husband," Griffin said. "Okay, he's very anti-gay and LGBT rights, and it's odd, because if you look at him on YouTube, it's almost as if he himself... or, it's as if..."

Craig Ferguson tells the comedian she should be careful with what she says next.

“I would say that Marcus Bachmann reminds me of a lot of the type of men who come sees my live shows," she said.

In an appearance on TBS' Conan in August, Griffin called Bachmann "cuckoo," and said, "As you know, she's a comedian's dream. I don't know if she's great for the country, but she's great for comedians.