Katie Couric to Interview Michael Bloomberg on Yahoo

Couric will take questions via her Tumblr page all week leading up to the Friday interview.
Katie Couric

Katie Couric will interview former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg on Friday. And beginning Monday, Couric is asking viewers to submit questions, videos and photos for Bloomberg via her Tumblr page.

Friday's interview will be Couric's second since becoming global anchor at Yahoo News last year. (Previously, she interviewed Robert Gates when the former defense secretary was promoting his book, Duty.) This will be Bloomberg's first interview since his appointment as the United Nations special envoy for cities and climate change.

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The interactive component of the Bloomberg interview is apparently something Couric intends to make a regular feature of her work at Yahoo News. Couric is still hosting her ABC daytime talk show, which will end this summer after two seasons. At that point, one of the most recognizable personalities in the industry will be without a regular television presence. But Couric has expressed her desire to conquer digital media after decades in linear TV.

“Technology has connected us to the world,” she said in January at the Consumer Electronics Show. “Anyone with a cell phone and Twitter account can be a reporter. Linking has often replaced reporting.”