Katie Couric Spoofs Kate Gosselin, New Talk Show on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' (Video)

Katie Couric opened up on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday about her new syndicated daytime talk show.

"For my first year, I'm going to be contributing to various programs and platforms on ABC," she explained as she was interrupted by Jimmy Kimmel. "Like Wipeout?" he joked. She laughed and admitted she loves that show.

"In the fall of 2012, I'm going to start a daytime talk show, which I'm really excited about. I'm going to be able to create and host it," she said.

Kimmel quipped that he heard it was going to be "dedicated to destroying Sarah Palin once and for all," referring to Couric's interview with the then Republican vice presidential candidate.

"I didn't have problems with her," said Couric. "I just asked her questions that I thought were important for America." In that interview, Palin skirted questions about what magazines and newspapers she can read and declared her grasp of foreign policy was strong because she could "see Russia from my house!"

Couric and Kimmel also joked that she would be doing a reality show on the net, a parody of Kate Gosselin's TLC series Kate Plus 8.

"That's what clenched the deal for me," laughed Couric. "An inside look at my life because it's so fascinating… I definitely want cameras in my house."

In Katie Plus 80, Couric addresses her kids, "All right, you little monsters. It's dinnertime!" before hurling spaghetti at them with a slingshot.