Keanu Reeves Poses for 'Sad Keanu' Meme (Video)

Keanu Reeves Colbert Report - H 2013

Keanu Reeves stopped by The Colbert Report on Wednesday to promote his new martial arts film, 47 Ronin. After trading a few lines in Japanese, the actor had to clarify to Stephen Colbert of the film that, "there's 47 in total."

When later asked about not living the superstar lifestyle -- which Colbert describes as "riding a white tiger" and being "knee-deep in hookers and blow" -- Reeves responded that he doesn't get out much and prefers to just be low-key and keep working. The two then played an impromptu quiet game, which Reeves then lost twice.

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After much circling, Colbert confronted the star about his most ubiquitous role to date: his melancholia spontaneously captured in the "Sad Keanu" meme.

"I have been a meme!" laughed Reeves at the topic. The host asked if Reeves is, in fact, sad, to which the actor responded, "No!" 

Colbert then had Reeves pose for the meme live, offering "loss of a loved one" and "loss of a cell phone" as on-the-spot inspiration. Reeves also revealed what Sad Keanu looks like when he finds his cell phone.

Watch the full interview below:

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