Keith Olbermann Compares Watching MSNBC to Drunk-Driving Car Crash

The former network host's tweet comes on the heels of his revelation that he hasn't watched the network since 2009, even while he was working there.
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Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann continues to have harsh words for his former employer MSNBC.

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The TV host tweeted on Wednesday that watching the cable news network is "like watching friends in a crashing car w/a drunk driver."

Olbermann's comment comes on the heels of his revelation that he hasn't actually watched the network since 2009. It should be noted that he worked there until 2011.

When contacted in February by Talking Points Memo about a Morning Joe segment, Olbermann replied in an email: "I don't know anything about this as I've never watched [Joe] Scarborough's shows and I stopped watching msnbc in 2009."

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Olbermann left MSNBC three years ago to host a Current TV show but was ousted less than a year later in an acrimonious parting.

He's since launched a show on ESPN2 called Olbermann and is a studio host of TBS' postseason baseball coverage.