Eliot Spitzer’s Current TV Debut Ignores Keith Olbermann (Video)

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Since Kathleen Parker departed, Spitzer is averaging 729,000 viewers a night, way up year-over-year compared with Campbell Brown. But the increase hinges in part on strong tune-in for CNN during a very newsy first quarter. 

Eliot Spitzer introduced Viewpoint, Current TV ‘s unexpected new program, just hours after the network announced its firing of Keith Olbermann.

The former New York Governor made no mention of Olbermann during the opening segment of Viewpoint, which took the 8 p.m. ET timeslot vacated by Olbermann’s Countdown.

Instead, Spitzer quoted John Adams on the nature of facts, "those stubborn little things," the host said his program would doggedly pursue to inform its audience.

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Spitzer, who briefly co-hosted Parker Spitzer for CNN, took on wonky subjects such as U.S. diplomatic policy toward Syria and how Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney might use China as an issue should he be his party’s nominee.

Though Spitzer did not talk about Olbermann on the show, Olbermann took to Twitter to retweet some unflattering comments his supporters were making about Spitzer. Perhaps the most cutting one was this:

“Nice! thx RT @1andonlyMelissa The headline @KeithOlbermann fired replaced by Eliot Spitzer sounds like someone replacing @Oprah w/Snooki.”

Olbermann also mocked Current TV for including a fake Twitter account for Spitzer in its press release announcing the new hire:

“With that, I rest my case RT @tvnewser @current sends out a press release with fake Eliot Spitzer Twitter handle. http://bit.ly/Hz5gl1.”

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By Saturday morning, Olbermann appeared to have settled down, tweeting that he’d had enough "self-indulgence for now," and that he was heading to a memorial service for his first boss, the boxing historian Bert Randolph Sugar. Sugar died Sunday at the age of 75.

Olbermann will undoubtedly have more to say next week. He is scheduled to appear on The Late Show with David Letterman Tuesday.