Keith Olbermann Offers Special 'Special Comment' Over Romney's 47% Gaffe (Video)

The former MSNBC and Current anchor sent out a web video providing his giggly take on the latest campaign controversy.

No network, no studio, no problem. Keith Olbermann wasn't going to let a few techincal obstacles get in his way of chastising GOP nominee for president, Mitt Romney.

The long-time progressive pundit-anchor, late of MSNBC and Current, has spent his last few months limiting his public statements to fights with Twitter antagonists and blogging about baseball. But after a secret, closed-door fundraiser video in which Romney lamented the 47 percent of Americans he claimed pay no taxes, Olbermann fired up the old cell phone camera to deliver a message to his followers.

In front of an impressive Manhattan skyline backdrop, Olbermann, known for his lengthy monologues, got about 10 words in before... falling into uproarious laughter. Again and again and again.

A transcript would seem silly, but that just may be the point he's trying to make.