'Kimmel': Ken Bone Remains Undecided After Debate, Blames Negative Political Cycle

Ken Bone Kimmel - H
ABC/Jimmy Kimmel Live

Overnight star Ken Bone continued his press tour on Monday with a stop at Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Sporting the red sweater that — coupled with his mustache and genuine demeanor — made him an internet sensation after Sunday’s second presidential debate, the Missouri resident appeared via the Wall of America to speak live with host Jimmy Kimmel.

“No matter which candidate you support, I think we can all agree the winner was this gentleman,” Kimmel said before playing the clip of Bone asking Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton his debate-night question. Bone, an undecided voter, participated in the St. Louis town hall event and posed a question about energy.

“Do you have any idea how adorable you are?” asked Kimmel. To which a seemingly well-coached Bone replied, “That’s a definitive: yes.”

They spoke about his newfound fame, with Bone confirming his real Twitter account among the fakes (@kenbone18) and explaining his use of a disposable camera, a moment that sent social media into a frenzy.

"We were sequestered for 14 hours with no electronic devices," he said, joking, "Several people wasted away to nothing with no Twitter access." He then added that they were given disposable cameras to capture the night.

When Kimmel asked Bone if he was still undecided about which candidate will be getting his vote in November, Bone said he was even more undecided than before the debate.

“I had to put my head down while Mom and Dad were arguing over Thanksgiving dinner last night," he said of the contentious showing between the two candidates. "This is an unusual political cycle; it’s been so negative. I try to base most of my decisions on positive things, and neither of them have given me any.”

Working in coal electricity, Bone said he aligns mainly with Trump on his economic policy, but then added, “I would really hate for anybody’s rights to be taken back. We fought so hard to get marriage equality and rights expanded to more Americans, and it would be unconscionable for me to see those be taken away by a Supreme Court justice appointed by Donald Trump.”

He then implored those watching at home to "please get out and vote" and shared the opinion his son, Logan, now has of his dad: "Logan says Dad is the best kind of famous: internet famous."

Kimmel spent his monologue recapping the debate, as well as the Trump tape and fallout for Billy Bush, who has now been suspended from his post on the Today show.

"Anyone who expected Donald Trump to reel it in last night was way off the mark," he said, adding about Clinton, "You don't win a debate like that, you survive it."

Bone now boasts 70,000 followers. See some of his tweets below.