Ken Jeong and James Corden Star in '90s Commercials Set to "No Scrubs"

'The Late Late Show' host and actor shared mock commercials that they starred in together before making it in Hollywood.
Terence Patrick/CBS

Ken Jeong teamed up with James Corden to share mock commercials the two starred in before they made it big in Hollywood on Wednesday's episode of The Late Late Show.

The bit opened with the two sitting in director chairs as they focused their attention offscreen.

"Back in the '90s, I was living in New York. I was a struggling singer, actor and dancer. I mean, I guess it's quicker just to say triple threat," said Corden in the beginning.

Jeong added that he met Corden "in the underground musical improve scene." He continued, "James and I were so hungry and talented."

"Very hungry," interrupted Corden.

"Sometimes you end up accepting jobs that you normally wouldn't just because you're so damn hungry to make it," continued Jeong.

The first commercial that they worked on together was for a local hot tub company. The fake commercial began with the two standing close to a hot tub, wearing bathing suits, T-shirts and sunglasses.

"A hot tub is a pool, but it's hot and small/It's also known as a Jacuzzi," Corden sang along to the tune of TLC's "No Scrubs."

Jeong continued, "Always making you feel so good/If you go in your backyard."

The host and actor continued to sing about the hot tub and played in the water throughout the commercial.

Following the success of their first commercial, the two went on to star in a second commercial for the Central Idaho Reptile Expo.

"A turtle's like a bug with a hard, hard shell/It's also known as a tortoise," sang Corden, again to the tune of "No Scrubs," as he held a turtle and stood along a highway.

Jeong, who held a lizard, sang, "Don't forget about lizards too/'Cause lizards are good too."

The two sang about the expo, which was located "next to the graveyard."

When the second commercial concluded, Jeong commented, "We were like the Thelma and Louise of local commercials set to 'No Scrubs.'"

Corden described their next commercial as "a big creative step forward."

The third commercial took a more serious turn. The two men wore suits and large glasses as they stood in an office.

"If you've used a Sherman toaster in the last six months, please watch the following commercial," began Corden.

"Or you can say bye, bye, bye to a large cash settlement," said Jeong.

The two then broke out into song to sing about the dangers of the toaster. "Yes, you can get money/Just fill out the form at on the left-hand side/1 percent had died/Settlement may vary," they sang in unison to the tune of "No Scrubs."

"We changed the world and, you know what, those were the best days of my life," said Jeong following the third commercial.

Corden responded, "They were good times, but let's not… We both have children."

Watch the full bit below.