Ken Jeong Weighs In on 'Community's' Uncertain Fate: "Fingers Crossed for a Movie"

Ken Jeong - H 2015
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Ken Jeong - H 2015

What the heck is going on with Community?

That was the question Tuesday following Joel McHale's comments that claimed the show would not be back for a seventh season.

But co-star Ken Jeong was unable to shed any new light on the uncertainty surrounding the show's future.

"As always with that show, I'm completely in the dark. Thankfully so," he said at the Television Critics Association summer press tour Tuesday. "I would love to do a movie. I think doing a movie would just be amazing."

Jeong was at TCA to promote his new sitcom, Dr. Ken, which he co-executive produces and stars in as a married father and doctor — a premise based on his pre-Hollywood life as a general practitioner. "I feel like, in Community speak, this is possibly a timeline of, what if The Hangover never happened?" he said.

In addition to his breakout role in the film franchise, Jeong credited his acting career to the cult-beloved comedy series. "Community made me the actor I am today," he said. "I learned so much on that show."

Jeong, like the rest of the cast, is no longer under contract after the most recent, sixth, season, which aired on Yahoo earlier this year. The issue of the cast's availability led to McHale's comments claiming that Community would not be returning for a seventh season because it was no longer "affordable."

However, sources at Sony said the show's future is still undetermined, and Yahoo issued a statement saying it is "continuing to discuss future opportunities for Community."

McHale also later backtracked on his remarks, saying the show is "not canceled" on Twitter.

No matter what happens, Jeong is ready to return to Greendale. "I'm always down for anything Community-related," he said, "but fingers crossed for a movie, at this point."

Dr. Ken premieres Oct. 2 at 8:30 p.m. on ABC.