Kerry Washington Joins Jimmy Fallon in New Game, "Famous Face-Off"

Kerry Washington on Tonight Show Face Off - H 2016

Jimmy Fallon has added a new game to his Tonight Show repertoire: "Famous Face-Off."

He and Scandal star Kerry Washington played Friday night against Steve Higgins and Ken Jeong, each trying to guess the identities on the face cards they held in front of them by their partners' hints.

First, Fallon needed to teach his partner, Washington, a short lesson in the competitive nature of Tonight Show games. "We don't help him, right?" Washington asked Fallon, pointing at Jeong.

"No, we don't help him! We don't like him, we don't enjoy him!" said Fallon.

Names like Daniel Radcliffe and Julia Roberts were easy to guess, but Fallon needed a few more hints for Adam Sandler, and all Washington needed for Pee-wee Herman was a sound effect.

In the end, Fallon barely had time to sneak in his Chris Rock impression before he and Washington lost to the Higgins/Jeong team.

Washington joined Fallon on The Tonight Show to promote her upcoming HBO film, Confirmation, which premieres April 16. She stars as Anita Hill in the Supreme Court drama, with Wendell Pierce portraying Clarence Thomas.

After a brief dance break with the late-night host and The Roots, Washington also revealed that she learned to dance from none other than Jennifer Lopez  or "a substitute teacher" who had to leave her dance studio in the Bronx, N.Y., to be on In Living Color.