Kevin Hart Admits He Overreacted to Plane Accident: "We Turned Into the Most Dramatic People"

Kevin Hart spoke about traveling to different cities to support the Philadelphia 76ers while visiting Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday (May 31).

“At first it’s all love ‘cause it’s the shock factor. ‘Oh whoa, Kevin Hart is here in Boston,’” he said of fans noticing him at away games. “I had on Sixers paraphernalia and I was waiting for someone to throw juice at my head.” He added, “They were cool at first, but I’m very full of animation and I’m back-and-forth.”

Hart recalled one game when the 76ers were winning by 20 points, but quickly fell behind and lost the game. “I don’t know what happened, but they got a picture of me third quarter when we lost the lead and my whole posture,” he said before sliding down in his chair. “It was so bad. The players from the Celtics, they were going back-and-forth with me.”

Kimmel brought up a recent plane incident Hart was involved in while flying into Boston with comics Na'im Lynn and Spank Horton and stylist John Burgandee. “It was a delayed, delayed scare cause we didn’t realize that we were in an accident until we said it out loud,” he said. “We knew something happened. We knew we were coming in weird because the plane caught a tailwind, so a piece of the plane shifted down. So, you know, naturally we’re on a plane. We know what’s normal, what’s not,” he said. “I was like, ‘That’s not… that don’t normally happen.’”

Even though Hart admitted he knew something went wrong, he and his friends didn’t let it get in the way of their good time while they were in the air. “We still good. We’re having a good conversation,” he said. “We land. The front hits. The back hits. You hear boom, boom, and we all looked at each other and there was a shock.

“Keep in mind, we are not in the air at this point. We’re on the tarmac. You can like hear the plane dragging,” he said. “We turned into the most dramatic people.” While mimicking his screams from the experience, he said, “We were holding each other.”

After explaining that the doors of the plane had opened, Hart said, “I’m such a bitch. I said, ‘Put your oxygen masks on!’” He continued, “In my mind it was the worse thing ever.” While trying not to laugh, he said he was the only “jackass” to still be freaking out once they landed. “Everybody else was so calm. They were grabbing their bags. I got the mask. ‘Can you breathe? Can you breathe?’”