Kevin Hart Goes on Selfie Spree in 'SNL' Promo

Saturday Night Live Kevin Hart and Aidy Bryant Teaser - Screenshot - H 2017

Kevin Hart proves he knows how to have fun with selfies in the first promo for his Dec. 16 Saturday Night Live hosting gig.

In the promo, Hart runs into SNL castmember Aidy Bryant taking selfies in the NBC studio. “What you doing Aidy? You taking a selfie?” Hart asks Bryant, before adding, “Oh, I got to get some of that!”

The two then go on a selfie spree, taking pictures around the SNL set. In the montage, Hart and Bryant dress in silly costumes, as well as play with flashlights in the dark. The Foo Fighters song “Monkey Wrench” can be heard playing in the background as the two goof around. The Foo Fighters are set to be the musical guest during Hart’s hosting gig.

The fun takes a turn when Hart winds up on the SNL stage, with a noticeably absent Bryant. “Hey! Where’d you go?” Hart asks. “Aidy, this is your phone! All right, whatever, it’s your loss,” the comedian jokes, as he continued to take selfies.