Kevin Hart Talks New "Raunchy" Netflix Special on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Kevin Hart may have just previewed his upcoming animated friendly film, The Secret Life of Pets 2, at CinemaCon this week, but he warns that his new Netflix special is anything but kid-friendly. In fact, the comedian says that the special is "a little raunchy" for the audience during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday night. 

“This is not for The Secret Life of Pets 2 crowd,” Kimmel was quick to quip to the comedian. "It’s a little raunchy. I would definitely say Rated-R plus R," Hart added. 

Kevin Hart: Irresponsible made its debut on Netflix Tuesday, showcasing the comedian's comedy tour he embarked on last year. Despite delivering the funny, Hart explained to Kimmel that he wasn't afraid to dive into "raunchy" topics such as disclosing his wife's porn search history. 

After Kimmel questioned whether his wife approves of what Hart shares onstage, he ensured that he simply says whatever he wants. "I don’t say a damn thing. I just do it. She finds out when she comes to the comedy show," he said, before jokingly saying that that marked a "tough time." "That was a tough situation in the household," he said as the audience laughed. 

Hart then explained that the comedic bit was inspired by a "random conversation" he was having with his wife, where she admitted that she occasionally watched porn. "She showed me. It really hurt me. It did a number," Hart said of the moment his wife shared her search history. "It was so different from what I am. Everything was big. Everybody was tall. I got mad."

Nonetheless, Hart explained that the "open and honest" discussion is the epitome of what the "beauty of stand-up comedy" is. "Honesty and authenticity is what people respond to. You want to laugh at what you can relate to and what you believe," he said. "Nothing is malicious. It’s all done from my point of view. So it’s the way I see myself in certain situations." 

Hart also shared that he jokes about his kids, but they "don't have a say so" either when it comes to what he jokes about onstage. "They live a very good life. So you’re going to shut up and take this punishment until you get old enough to defend yourself," he joked. 

Apart from celebrating the release of the comedy special, Hart also discussed his upcoming 40th birthday, which he jokingly described as the moment everything will be "over." Hart also said that instead of partying, he hopes to remain "comfortable with nothing." 

"I've tried to do the younger version of myself as done in the past and it has not gone over well. So I want to sit down and watch a movie. Leave me alone. I don’t need anything else. I am comfortable with nothing." 

Kevin Hart: Irresponsible is available to stream now.