Kevin Smith Addresses 'Clerks III,' Pot Legalization and His Dogs' Bowels (Video)

Kevin Smith

In 2001's "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back," Smith wrote himself into a light-saber duel with Mark Hamill. So he was happy to offer his take -- "A Nerd's Plea for Star Wars" -- on what the just-announced "Episode VII" should be. Or, rather, whom it should be about.

Merry Christmas from Kevin Smith.

The writer-director-podcaster appeared during a long, laid-back segment on the Dec. 25 edition of Good Day LA, where he riffed on his dogs' digestive issues and his career future.

Right off the bat, Smith explained how his longtime friend and collaborator Jason Mewes gave his dogs treats for Christmas -- which ended up being less than a generous gift.

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"Didn't sit right with the dogs at all," he said. "Lilly, one of our dogs, the brown Lab, lived up to her brown title. We call her Pooey, today -- totally pooey. The bathroom floor is white marble, just looks like a Jackson Pollock painting, man. ... It's coming out of both ends of the dogs. ... I had to trek through the bathroom -- it looks like Calcutta."

On staying young, Smith offered: "I wake and bake." And on the legalization of marijuana: "The moment Colorado passed that vote, we scheduled a potcast."

As for the important business, Smith reiterated that his planned hockey movie, Hit Somebody, instead will be a six-part miniseries. As such, he's hoping to make Clerks III his last film, to be released in 2014 to mark the 20th anniversary of his first, Clerks. And he'd be happy to make it for the same $28,000 as he made that first black-and-white, convenience store-set film, if he could persuade his co-stars to work for free in exchange for a cut of the back end.

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