Kevin Spacey Acts Out 'House of Cards' Scenes Written by Kids With Jimmy Fallon

Kevin Spacey and Jimmy Fallon Masterclass Jr - H 2016
Courtesy of NBC

House of Cards sounds like a fun name for a TV show, right?

On Tuesday's episode of Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Spacey performed scenes written by elementary school children who only heard the name of his Netflix series.

The MasterClass boldface showcased his best voices for the scenes, including putting on his best Christopher Walken voice to play a garbageman who forces someone to clean up his house of cards, pausing for dramatic effect and hitting a stubborn Fallon. "Garbagemen are the secret heroes," said Spacey.

But his comedy doesn't work for everyone. "I don't get you," said one child judging the scenes, to which the actor replied, "Get in line."

Another scene also saw Fallon, in a wig, get teary when admitting to Spacey, "Okay, fine, I live in a house of cards! Is that what you want to hear?"

Spacey then told Fallon, "It's raining — your house is wet and soggy!"

Watch the video below.