Kevin Spacey Posts Photoshopped Reply to Rob Ford's Brother

Kevin Spacey House of Cards - H 2013

Kevin Spacey House of Cards - H 2013

Kevin Spacey showcased a wry sense of humor with an accommodation to Doug Ford, the brother of the Toronto mayor who deemed him an "arrogant SOB" for not taking a photo backstage during an recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

On Saturday, the House of Cards actor posted on Twitter a Photoshopped version of his cameo in Ellen DeGeneres' famed Oscar selfie along with a screenshot of Rob Ford, the embattled Canadian politician, and his brother.  

A day earlier, Doug Ford lashed out at Spacey during an episode of the brothers' web show, Ford Nation. "In my opinion, he's an arrogant SOB, and I'll tell you the reason why," Doug Ford said. "Any actor that makes a living off the people that watch his shows -- he wouldn't take a picture with anyone? We were told you can't take a picture, and you can't speak to him. Who does this character think he is?"

The actor, the Toronto mayor and his brother had all appeared on a March 3 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where the ABC late-night host had grilled the Canadian politician about his tabloid antics.