Kevin Spacey Steals Stephen Colbert's Emmy (Video)

The actor also talked about the show being up for a "TV award" despite it being available through Netflix instead of a network.
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Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey has his eye on Emmy, so much so that he grabbed Stephen Colbert's award and ran off with it during his appearance on The Colbert Report on Wednesday night.

After Spacey cracked that unlike Colbert's audience, House of Cards' viewers listen to his character's comments, Colbert said, "You haven't won that Emmy yet, Kev."

Spacey then grabbed Colbert's Emmy from the fireplace mantel and ran off with it, leading the host to chase him around the studio before retrieving it from an audience member the actor handed it off to.

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Earlier in the show, Colbert took issue with the fact that House of Cards is eligible for a "TV award," even though it's "an Internet show."

"What do you want next, the Heisman?" he said, insisting Spacey defend himself.

In response, the actor talked about how the show reflects the way television viewing has been headed and how he likes that the audience is in control of how many episodes they want to watch.

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"It's the way things have been going. If you look at the last eight years, the way people have been watching and binging on shows," he said. "And the truth is what I think has been kind of remarkable about how the audience has responded to House of Cards, [when] all 13 [episodes] of the first season came out [at once], is that they are in control. They can watch it how they want to watch it."

Colbert also called Spacey, who's up for an Emmy for outstanding lead actor in a drama series for his work on the show, "the Jackie Robinson of the Internet."

Watch the full interview below.