'Key and Peele' Recaps 'Game of Thrones': "The Dinkles Is My Jam!" (Video)

Tywon Lannisters, Ned Starks and the Kalisis are replacing Liam Neesons in their hearts.

Key and Peele's valets are moving on from "Liam Neesons" to their next obsession: Game of Thrones.

The two overenthusiastic characters binged on the HBO series in preparation for Sunday's premiere and got to live through the shock of all of those character deaths. Much like their obsession with Neesons (Liam Neeson), the two had an assortment of names for the characters, including Ned Starks, the Kalisis, the Hound Dog, Tywon Lannisters and their all-time favorite — the Dinkles (Peter Dinklage).

"The Dinkles is my jam, my jelly, my peanut butter and my peanuts," says Jordan Peele's valet character.

Then, together they shout the ultimate line of praise, generally reserved only for Liam Neesons: "The Dinkles is my shit!"

Watch the video below, and stay tuned to the Live Feed for more from Game of Thrones.