'Killing Eve's' Women-Led Crew Is the Norm for Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer

Though it's generally seen as unusual, the actors revealed that working with female crews was a common experience they shared.
Parisa Taghizadeh/BBCAmerica (2)

Killing Eve has been lauded for many things: its dark humor, stylish costumes and the cat-and-mouse relationship at its core. It's also been acclaimed for being a female-led show, both in front of and behind the camera.

In an industry where women make up only 27 percent of behind-the-scenes roles on television, that seems quite radical, but when The Hollywood Reporter spoke to Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh about it, the pair explained that for them, it was actually the norm.

"You know what? I was about to say I'd had the fortunate luck, and that is true, but it's also down to who's hired me," said Oh. "I've worked with a lot of women."

The Golden Globe winner explained that although it's seen as something of a new trend, she had worked largely on women-led projects since her earliest days of acting. "In front of and behind the camera, for example, I've primarily worked with female first assistant directors, and I remember them all. These women have been my first ADs for years. I still remember my first first AD."

Her co-star Comer agreed: "I'm exactly the same. The past four or five projects that I've worked on have all been written by women." The actress also shared that a recent experience working on a short film for the BBC written by Vicky Jones (Flack, Fleabag) woke her up to the potential of majority female-led filmmaking.

"The crew was 90 percent women, and there were only like two men. It was totally overwhelming, actually," she said. "It's not until you see it that you go, 'Wow, this is possible.' To be around that was really powerful, but I'm the same as Sandra in that this has commonly been my experience, and it's something that I want to continue going forward."

For Oh, picking out the pattern of whom she's worked with is easier to see with hindsight. "It's not so much that I'd say you start off having the choice as a young actor," she said, "but it's something that I can now look back on and say, 'Well, this is who hired me,' and this is obviously who hired Jodie."

Conscious choice or not, working with female-led crews has always felt natural to Oh, and it means that her experience on Killing Eve is just another example of her and Comer's continued collaboration with talented women.

"I do feel like I've always gravitated toward that," Oh said. "It feels nice to be able to tell you that we can barely tell the difference on Killing Eve because this is always the water we've been swimming in."

Killing Eve airs at 8 p.m. Sundays on AMC and BBC America.