'The Killing,' 'Game of Thrones' Finales: What the Shows' Famous Fans Are Saying

From outrage to geek pride, reactions to both episodes run the gamut.
Helen Sloan/HBO

With AMC’s The Killing and HBO’s Game of Thrones both concluding their freshman seasons Sunday night, fan reaction to both dramas is as different as the shows themselves.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead.]

Thrones wrapped up with a dramatic walk through a burning funeral pyre and birth of three baby dragons as the three houses marched toward war in the wake of Ned Stark’s death. The Killing, meanwhile, failed to reveal just who killed Rosie Larson.

The Killing Season Finale Shocker: All We Wanted Was Answers

Cougar Town creator Bill Lawrence enjoyed Thrones it seems almost as much as watching his wife, actress Christa Miller, fume over The Killing: “Game of Thrones is badass. Makes me proud to be a nerd. Dragons!!” he tweeted, adding, “The Killing finale rocks, because: Christa is so mad.”

An example of Miller’s fury: “Worst hour of television ever -- never watching again,” she tweeted, adding: “I feel like having my own personal killing -- what the eff????????”

Added Cougar Town executive producer Chrissy Pietrosh: “My disgust at #thekilling and my complete awe at #gameofthrones are preventing me from getting to sleep. Why must I feel so much?”

Bones showrunner Hart Hanson also got into the game, tweeting, “Sorry I missed “The Killing” finale. I was watching that one with burning witches, dragon-babies and breasts,” later adding: “You have to admit, all the angry viewers will tune in to next season's opener to find out who did it.”

Game of Thrones Finale: Women Rule

Modern Family writer Danny Zuker, meanwhile, had a message for Emmy champ Mad Men: “Tell Don Draper "Winter is Coming." Game of Thrones for the mofo Emmy Win!” Adding, “Don't get me wrong, LOVE Mad Men, but it never made me want to forge my own sword & bring house Lannister to its knees. #GoT #GeekGasm.”

Dollhouse and Spartacus writer Maurissa Tancharoen was over the moon about Thrones, tweeting, “Game of Thrones. I’m gonna watch you all over again and read you until you come back to me in the Spring of 2012.”

Lost’s Damon Lindelof tweeted to support Killing, calling the backlash when Rosie Larson’s killer wasn’t revealed “bullshit.” (He clarified in a subsequent tweet as well.)

The Chicago Code’s Shawn Ryan was yet to catch up on the AMC series but found the backlash entertaining: “Only watched the first 2 1/2 eps of The Killing before taking a break. Now I don't know if I can resist reading all these reactions 1st.”

Perhaps The Office’s Mindy Kaling summed up The Killing finale best: “Note to The Killing: um, only The Office sets up a season-long question that we don’t answer until next season!”

What did you think of the finales?

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