'The Killing' Season 3: 'Larger' Cases, 'Darker' Stories and Dangerous Foes (Exclusive Video)

AMC's revived drama The Killing is back on the case.

The series, which was canceled in January by the cabler and brought back mere months later, returns with a brand new murder mystery for Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder to investigate that centers on a new villain in death row inmate Ray Seward, played by Peter Sarsgaard.

The Hollywood Reporter exclusively debuts a four-minute featurette with more season three footage and interviews with showrunner Veena Sud, returning stars Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman, Sarsgaard and new blood like Max Fowler.

"As the premiere progresses, we start to realize there's a bigger story," Sud says. "They're linked not only to multiple bodies, but to a case in Sarah's past."

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As viewers may remember, the second season concluded with Sarah parting ways from the cop life, so how she gets sucked back into the madness will be a question that is answered in the two-hour premiere.

When The Killing picks up a year-and-a-half after the events of season two, Holder has moved on with a new partner when bodies start piling up. "Our detectives are in a new place in their lives. Things have changed a lot for Sarah Linden," Sud says. Sarah, as it's revealed, has a new boyfriend and a job working at the ferries.

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"This is a darker, seedier side of Seattle," Sud says in the featurette, which features descriptors like "suspenseful," "rough" and "honest." Sarsgaard teases that three narratives are interwoven and "all inform each other."

For Sud, the focus of season three was on "people who don't seem redeemable and people who are invisible."

Viewers who haven't seen the first two seasons will be able to watch the new episodes, Sud says, and yes, the mystery will be solved by the finale. "You don't have to have seen seasons one and two to jump in," she says.

The Killing premieres June 2 on AMC.

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