'The Killing' Season Finale Shocker: All We Wanted Was Answers

AMC's hit drama series threw viewers a major curve ball.
Carole Segal
"The Killing"

[Warning: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen Sunday’s "Orpheus Descending" episode.]

After a very slow moving season -- and we mean we felt every minute of it -- and several red herrings, AMC's The Killing season finale made sure we have some reason to tune in to Season 2. In a shocking twist to a season in which several of the male characters were under suspicion at some point in time, the series never actually answered its own question: Who killed Rosie Larsen?

As the series tends to do, it spent the hour following clues to what seems like the identity of Rosie’s killer. This time Councilman Richmond (Billy Campbell) was the person of interest. Through out the hour, the evidence kept stacking against him despite his passionate declaration of innocence.

After detectives Linden (Mireille Enos) and Holder (Joel Kinnaman) tracked the use of Richmond’s campaign car, they only needed two more pieces of evidence. The first was delivered by his lover and campaign adviser, Gwen (Kristin Lehman), who ruined his alibi by admitting to Linden that he left her the night of Rosie’s murder and returned hours later dripping wet. And the evidence that guaranteed Richmond’s arrest would come via Holder’s submission of a photo proving the politician was driving the car across an out of the way bridge in order to avoid being seen on the much more accessible ferry from the casino where Rosie was last seen alive.

It had seemed that all had been wrapped up and Linden was free to finally join her fiancé in California. Oh, so close. On the plane, she received a phone call saying that the cameras on the bridge weren’t functioning the night of the murder and then it’s revealed that Holder submitted a fabricated photo.

The episode ends with Linden putting together her partner’s betrayal in her head as the plane is preparing to take off and Richmond being transported by cops as Belko (the now estranged Larsen family friend played by Brendon Sexton III) approaches him with a loaded gun. Fade to black.

How do you feel about not knowing Rosie’s killer after a season of waiting patiently for the conclusion? Do you think the councilman is still guilty? And why does Holder’s shady friends want Richmond pinned for the crime? Did they do it or are the motivations political? Sound off on your reactions and theories below!


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