Kim Jong Un Joins Weekend Update

Kim Jong Un SNL Weekend Update - H 2014

Saturday Night Live's cast quickly learned that Kim Jong Un just might be off-limits as a subject for parody.

SNL castmember Bobby Moynihan appeared on the Dec. 20 episode's Weekend Update as the North Korean leader, who has been making headlines lately due to the Sony hacking scandal.

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Weekend Update co-host Colin Jost warned Moynihan during the segment that pretending to be Kim Jong Un might not be such a great idea, and sure enough, a number of red dots from sniper guns were promptly aiming at Moynihan's chest. 

Moynihan quickly cut the bit short, and he wasn't too enthused about giving his real name. "I'm Seth Rogen," he said. "Seth Rogen, everybody!"

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Rogen directed and stars in The Interview, which Sony pulled from a planned release Wednesday after hackers threatened a 9/11-style attack.

Additionally, the episode took a look at what Serial would be like if it focused on Ol' Saint Nick.

The episode's monologue was among the season's best, with a surprise appearance by Kristen Wiig.

Welcome back to SNL, Mike Myers!

Fred Armisen was back, too, as he and Wiig reprised their roles as perpetually unprepared Garth and Kat.

Don't ask what the name of this doll is.

Three best sketches of the night: 

1. Dr. Evil

2. Weekend Update

3. Monologue

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