Kim and Kanye: 17 Top Reality Producers Pitch Their Dream Kardashian Spinoff

Kim Kanye North - S 2015
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Kim Kanye North - S 2015

Sometimes it seems as though there couldn't possibly be another Kardashian-fronted TV show. But the world's thirst for reality's first family is unabated as mothership Keeping Up With the Kardashians sashays into its 10th season and a buzzy project about patriarch Bruce Jenner looms on the horizon.

But what of the Kardashian Kingdom's king and queen? Kim might spread her time over multiple series, but Kanye typically remains off camera. For The Hollywood Reporter's annual reality power issue, top producers were polled on how they'd frame a Kimye reality show if they were given carte blanche.

Here's how they responded.

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North by NorthWest, a family travel doc across the globe — Holly Jacobs, exec vp syndication and reality programming, Sony Pictures Television

Kim and Kanye on $40 a Day — SallyAnn Salsano, founder and president, 495 Productions

Celebrity Brain Games, obviously — Brent Montgomery, owner, Leftfield Entertainment

Doing math — Mike Darnell, president, unscripted and alternative television, Warner Bros.

Sailing across the Atlantic, with no glamor, on a boat — Gordon Ramsay, president, One Potato Two Potato Ltd.

Naked crab fishing in the Bering Sea in January — Thom Beers, chairman and CEO, FremantleMedia North America

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Easiest question ever: stunt appearance on Sex Box. If they're reading this and interested, Kim and Kanye should immediately email our casting department at We're standing by. — Tom Forman, CEO, Relativity Television

Nothing. Unscripted can sometimes seem too preoccupied with stakes and jeopardy, when the reality is that for many hours in the days of our lives not a lot happens.  So Kim and Kanye in a room together for 24 hours with no distractions. That would be something to see. — Fenton Bailey, founder, World of Wonder

… And they could keep one device each, but no charger — Randy Barbato, founder, World of Wonder

Stamp collecting — Stephen Lambert, chairman, All3Media America

Sitting still at an awards show — Eli Holzman, president, All3Media America

What they do every single day. Isn't that what the best of reality TV should be? — Chris Grant, CEO, Electus

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Staking cage fighters? Or how about a show where Kanye performs his music and Kim is, like, somewhere else? — Jay Peterson, founder, Matador Content

Our new show, Sex Tape Saved Our Relationship — Todd Lubin, founder, Matador Content

Dumpster diving — Jenny Daly, president, T Group

Kim and Kanye: Naked and Afraid — Pam Healey, GM, Shed Media U.S.

Hasn't the world seen enough of Kim and Kanye? Not to mention if I come up with one and they make it, will I get cut for just putting it out there or is this considered a legal and binding document? — Todd A. Nelson, 3Ball Entertainment