Kim Kardashian Asks 'Do I End My Marriage Right Now?' on E!

Kourtney Kim Take New York Kim Crying - H 2012

Kourtney Kim Take New York Kim Crying - H 2012

Has the final blow to Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' marriage been dealt on Sunday's Kourtney and Kim Take New York season finale? Maybe not the final one, but one can see why the marriage ended after only 72 days. The episode opens with the cast’s final week in New York and Kim is already well on her way to realizing the mistake she made in marrying Kris so quickly.

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“We went from such wedding stress and then we came straight here a couple days later,” she tells sister Kourtney Kardashian. “It's definitely a lot to deal with that I wasn't prepared for.”

Kourtney suggested she share her feelings with Kris, so she did. And he was open to spending more quality time with each other during their last days in NYC. “You're a priority with me,” Kris says.

That was their intention. But, the problems seemed too far-gone for Kim to get over: Her mind seemed set on the fact that the marriage wouldn’t work.

The two have an awkward dinner date where Kim realizes they have nothing to talk about. Then, she ditches a workout after Kris gave her some ribbing about her lack of enthusiasm. She admits she used to think his outspoken nature was cute. Now, it’s just another annoyance.

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Things came to a head when it was time to start packing for L.A. With the way she was feeling, Kim began to have anxiety about Kris moving all of his boxes to her house. And as she’s trying to convince Kris it’s a bad idea, Kourtney tells her she’s being a bitch and Kris adds, "You're not ready for someone in your life."

That sends Kim into a crying fit and she calls sister Khloe about Kourtney turning on her. “I'm not happy. I don't know what to do. I'm trying,” she tells Khloe.

“You don’t think I feel embarrassed that I fell in love and I really thought I was and I look back now and it's not what I want,” Kim goes on to tell her sister. “Do I end it right now?”

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Trying to calm her down, Khloe says, “You got caught up in your fairy tale. This isn't your fairy tale.”

At this point, Kourtney comes in to hash out their differences over the bitch comment and Kim admits she failed and confesses that she regrets having made such a big deal of her wedding.

She also decides that it’s time for the cameras to stop rolling on her failing relationship. “I need to go back home to L.A. and really have this conversation without the cameras,” she says. “We need to figure this out privately. I just need to shut off for a while.”

The episode then flash-forwards to Kris placing his boxes in storage. It’s an exercise in good will, but I’m sure he partially knew that he’ll be saving himself some grief later when he needs to move the boxes back out of Kim’s home.

“I'm willing to compromise in this situation,” he tells his friend. “Get my mind right, figure out if this is a situation I could live in.” And then he mentions the “D” word.

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“Kim has been acting weird and distant,” he says. “I'm just over her. I'm going to get a divorce.”

The final blow of the season comes when Kourtney has everyone name the “pits and peaks” of their time in NYC (a Kardashian family dinner ritual passed down from their late father Robert Kardashian).

Kim says her peak was all the time she spent with nephew Mason. Kris is visibly disturbed by her answer and says, “I wanted Kim to say ‘living with my husband.’ She just made mine change.”

Of course, we know now that the marriage dissolved last October when Kim filed for divorce. What’s your take on the relationship now that you’ve seen what went down in New York? Tell us in the comments section below.

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