Kim Kardashian Offers 'Drop Dead Diva' a Tasty Proposition (Video)

Kim Kardashian Drop Dead Diva Lifetime - P 2012

Kim Kardashian Drop Dead Diva Lifetime - P 2012

Can Kim Kardashian act? It's hard to say -- it depends on how much reality one thinks her reality shows truly portray. Now, she's got a chance to prove her theatrical chops with some (totally) scripted work.

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Kardashian continues a three episode guest run on Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva on Sunday at 9 pm EST, playing Nikki, the inventor of the dessert game-changing hybrid, the Pake (or, pie and cake). In this new preview clip, she plies her charms while presenting her sweets to Jane, who isn't quite convinced of the buy-in cost.

“We wrote her a three episode arc. But, once she got on set and I was with her I got to see what her strengths were and we got to write to those," creator and exec producer Josh Berman recently told THR. "Her character goes head to head with Jane. She’s got a fantastic twist that no one will see coming in episode three.”

Untitled from Cashmere TV/Film Promo on Vimeo.