Kim Kardashian's Pal Jonathan Cheban Attacked by Kris Humphries Supporter

The publicist had flour thrown at him in front of the New York DASH store over the weekend.
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Someone really feels bad for the hand Kris Humphries was dealt in his short marriage and quickie divorce from Kim Kardashian. Apparently, a supporter of the NBA player attacked Kardashian friend, publicist Jonathan Cheban, on Saturday.

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The attacker yelled, “This is for Kris Humphries,” as he threw flour at Cheban in front of the Kardashian sisters’ clothing store, DASH, in New York City.

"Can you believe how crazy people are?" Cheban tells the The Huffington Post. "I am disturbed and embarrassed that people still act like this."

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A friend says the publicist and star of E!’s reality show, The Spin Crowd, left town soon after the incident out of fear for his safety and has increased his security.

"This might seem funny, but it was very scary," the friend tells the site. "This time it was flour but next time it could be someone much more dangerous. Throwing white powder around in New York City is no joke."

Humphries' rep told TMZ, Kris "would never condone hateful and unacceptable behavior like that to anyone, in any situation."

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Reportedly, Cheban is considering a lawsuit against Humphries after the NBA star allegedly called him gay and hurled homophobic slurs at him during a heated argument that was shot for the current season of Kourtney and Kim Take New York.

As if that isn't enough drama, Kim finds out that Jonathan is planning a tell-all book about her on the next episode of the E! reality series.

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