Kim Kardashian Reveals 'Ultimate Dream' Project' (Video)

She also speaks out on her multi-million lawsuit against Old Navy, calling it "a smart business decision to make sure that no one confuses me with anyone else."
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Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian spent a day with Good Morning America's Lara Spencer to detail their business empire.

Over the course of the day, they board a private jet to fly from L.A. to San Francisco to check out their collection with Sears. They squeeze in a meeting with business partner Bruno Schiavi en route. The sisters will have their own mini-boutiques inside of 400 locations of Sears.

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"We helped design this store, we picked out what we wanted from the color scheme to the carpet, so it will be cool to see," says Kim. The Kardashians earned $65 million last year, as a Hollywood Reporter cover story detailed earlier this year.

"This was our ultimate dream ever is to, you know ... create our own clothing line, go into bedding and home, denim, lingerie, ready-to-wear, everything, you know, from shoes to accessories, handbags, we -- this was our dream. Fashion is our life," Kim adds.

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Kim is also releasing a special-edition perfume, Love by Kim Kardashian, that will retail for $100 a bottle. Just 1,000 bottles will be released - one for Kim, 200 for her bridal shower and 799 for fans.

Why do they think fans have connected with them, allowing their brand to grow from a hit E! reality show to an empire?

"You get that glitz and that glamour that people want to kind of escape into. But then once they dive into us, they see that we are just like everyone else. We are so normal. We argue. We -- you know?" Kim says.

"I think we make people feel good -- about their families, because we're so weird and crazy and nuts," Khloe adds. "That I'm sure we make people feel normal and like, 'Oh, thank God, I'm not like that. But it's really fun to watch.'"

Kim also opened up about her multi-million lawsuit against Old Navy for using a look-alike in an ad.

"I think that when there's confusion out there and people might mistake me for working for another company ... it was just, I think, a smart business decision to make sure that no one confuses me with anyone else other than ... my own clothing lines," Kim says.

The sisters think their late father, OJ Simpson attorney Robert Kardashian" would "be so proud" of their success. "He was such a strong businessman, so I think that he would love all of our business sense and, that we got from him," says Kim.

"We work really hard and…you know, we've still kept family as our number one priority," adds Kim, who will marry New Jersey Nets star Kris Humphries on Aug. 20, which will be shown in an E! special.


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