Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries Make First Joint Appearance on Late-Night TV

Kardashian tells Jay Leno she's "afraid for people" to see her E! wedding special.
Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Newlyweds Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries made their first joint television appearance Tuesday night on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno (not counting their E! reality show, of course).

Humphries and Leno bonded over their love of old cars, while Kardashian admitted she "hates old cars." (Indeed, reports she just bought a brand new $325,000 Ferrari).

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Snapped back Humphries: "I'm into older women!" (He's 26, she's 30.)

They also discussed their relationship. Kardashian said the tall guys "freak me out except for Kris. There's something about tall guys that scare me a little bit, but Kris is different."

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Joked Humphries, "She's overwhelmed when she's not wearing heels."

Humphries wasn't thrilled to meet Kardashian after one of his New Jersey Nets games last year. "I thought she wasn't going to be as nice as she is and down to earth…."

"…We are on TV, watch your mouth!" joked Kardashian.

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Continued Humphries, "And when I got to know her, I fell in love with her."

Leno told him, "You don't marry a Kardashian, you marry THE Kardashians."

"I'm still meeting new ones too!" Humphries joked.

Kardashian admitted it was overwhelming the first time he met her family.

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"I think my sisters attack him. Honestly, we were watching edits of the [wedding] special. I am, like, afraid for people to see how Khloe and Kris [behave]. She says whatever is on her mind, and has no filter. Kris is the same way. They go back and forth and neither one of them back down. It was really hard."

"But we got through it as a family," added Kardashian.

Their E! wedding special airs Sunday and Monday, Oct. 9 and 10.