TCA: Shannen Doherty Dismisses Comparisons to Kim Kardashian

With a reality series documenting her 2011 wedding premiering on WE, the former "90210" star promises an "incredibly different relationship" -- while taking a few shots at Kris Humphries.
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This spring on WE, Shannen Doherty will share every sentimental and unflattering detail of her 2011 wedding to Kurt Iswarienko on her reality series, Shannon Says.

And at the Television Critics Association winter press tour on Saturday, Shannon said that it won't have viewers feeling deja vu over the recent, unsuccessful televised nuptials between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries.

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"If you watch you're going to see that it's an incredibly different relationship," said Doherty, beside her quiet husband. "[Ours] wasn't a quickie marriage. I can't judge what happened in other people's marriages, because my other two weren't so great... and they were quickies."

Doherty had some supportive words for Kardashian, who, in October, announced plans for a divorce after only 72 days of marriage.

"I applaud anyone who gets out of something if it's not working," she said, "regardless of the terrible jokes and press that's going to come out of it."

For Humphries, however, Doherty seemed sure that her own husband would make a better impression on viewers.

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"He's not abnormally tall, which is really good," she said, looking over at Iswarienko. "He's never going to question my friends about whether they're gay or straight and never drop it."

Doherty, who wed Iswarienko in October, was previously married to actor Ashley Hamilton and producer Rick Salomon.

Shannen Say premieres Tuesday, April 3, on WE.

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