Kim Kardashian Look-Alike Calls Old Navy Lawsuit 'A Little Silly'

Singer and actress Melissa Molinaro argues that the E! star's likeness was never the campaign's goal.
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Kim Kardashian, paranoid much? The star is waging a war against Old Navy in a $20 million lawsuit alleging its use of dark-haired singer-actress Melissa Molinaro in its commercials created confusion in the marketplace and violated her rights to her name and likeness.

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Yet, while Molinaro says she doesn’t know much about the court case, she does tell Fox 411 that replicating Kardashian wasn’t the aim of the campaign.

“I just think the whole thing is a little silly,” Molinaro tells the site. “I mean, they held auditions in Miami, New York and L.A. to find this girl, and they wanted to find a Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas type of girl – I mean, (Kardashian’s) name never came up – it was not on their radar whatsoever.”

While some analysts say that it will be tough for the now twice-divorced E! reality star to win the case, she may be able to win in a court of public opinion. Molinaro is currently dating Kardashian’s ex, footballer Reggie Bush. But, she argues that she isn’t copying Kardashian in that respect either.

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“What’s crazy about that is I’ve known Reggie for going on three years now,” explains Molinaro. “People thought that it was just because of the commercial, but I mean, I’ve known him for years. It wasn’t anything new – not for us.”

Molinaro doesn’t seem to be letting the lawsuit keep her from moving on in her career. She just released the digital EP, “Shake the World,” and she stars as “Nooki” in Syfy’s upcoming Jersey Shore spoof, Jersey Shore Shark Attack.

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