Kim Kardashian's Divorce: The 10 Best Late-Night Jokes (Video)

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The Kardashian clan is notorious for making money off selling engagement and wedding photos and weight-loss announcements to the weekly magazines. But no media outlet is getting an exclusive "Why I Left Him" story from Kim, surprisingly. 

The news that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries have filed for divorce after only 72 days of marriage offered fresh fodder for the late-night hosts on Monday night, as you might expect.

Kardashian, who stars in E!’s Keeping Up With Kardashians and Kourtney & Kim Take New York, confirmed Monday that she was filing for divorce from her NBA player husband. The couple were married Aug. 20 at a private estate in Montecito, Calif. -- after dating only six months -- in a wedding that was estimated to cost at least half a million dollars, but those costs were offset by items such as a free $20,000 Vera Wang gown and a lucrative deal with E!.

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So, naturally, the late-night hosts had plenty to take shots at on Monday night. Among the best jokes:

1. Jimmy Kimmel Live host Jimmy Kimmel: "I hate to ruin the mood, but it's my duty as an American talk show host to report that after 72 days of wedded bliss, Kim Kardashian and her NBA player husband Kris Humphries are splitting up. She has decided not to pick his option up for another season."

2. The Tonight Show host Jay Leno: “To their credit, they did try 20 minutes of counseling. It just didn't work.”

3. The Late Show host David Letterman: “They started bickering at the altar -- now they’re fighting over custody of the cake.”

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4. The Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson, after making a joke about the 7 billionth person being born Monday: "You know what's even more surprising? Of all the 7 billion people in the world, no one is surprised that Kim Kardashian is getting divorced."

5. Kimmel: "It's a shame. I thought they'd be together for at least another five to 10 Us Weekly covers."

6. Kimmel: "Kim has asked that her fans give her a complete lack of privacy during this time."

7. Kimmel: “I wonder what happens to that 20-karat engagement ring he gave her. You know, if nobody’s using it, I bet it would look great in my belly button.”

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8. Letterman: "They’re planning a lavish divorce at the Laguna Niguel Ritz-Carlton with 3,000 guests.”

9. Kimmel: "I feel kind of cheated by all this. I cried during every minute of that wedding special, and I want those 11 hours of my life back now."

10. Ferguson: "If two celebrities who hardly know each other get married for a TV show can't make it, what hope is there for any of us?

Kimmel also created a fake promo for E!'s next special: Kim & Kris Kall It Kwits. Watch it below.