'Kitchen Nightmares' Star Threatens Customer Outside His Restaurant in Wild Confrontation

"We've been bullied and harassed and victimized," Amy's Baking Company's co-owner tells THR
AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin
Amy's Baking Company

A controversial Kitchen Nightmares star is making headlines yet again

Samy Bouzaglo, co-owner of Amy's Baking Company in Scottsdale, Ariz., yelled at and threatened a customer outside of the restaurant Saturday in an expletive-filled rant. Witnesses have reported that Bouzaglo was brandishing a knife, according to CBS 5

TMZ posted the startling video footage, filmed by an onlooker. Samy's wife, Amy Bouzaglo, can be seen trying to restrain her husband as the person filming the video tells Samy, "It's not worth it."

Amy, who co-owns the restaurant with Samy, told The Hollywood Reporter that the customer was drunk and used obscenities to Samy in the restaurant, so Samy then "screamed at him to leave." Amy added that the customer later "came back and charged me."

Amy explained that, since their notorious appearance on the Fox reality show, the couple has been besieged by people who hassle them and try to push their buttons. Amy also claimed that Samy was holding a silver pen, not a knife. 

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"We've been bullied and harassed and victimized," she said. "We're just trying to continue on with our lives and work and have a decent living."

The couple's restaurant was first featured on Kitchen Nightmares in March 2013, with the couple criticized for their treatment of employees and their distribution of workers' tips. In a first for the TV series, Gordon Ramsay concluded at the end of the episode that he couldn't help the restaurant. The restaurant was featured in a follow-up episode earlier this year.

This incident calls to mind a certain heated moment in the film Chef in which Jon Favreau's character loses his cool in his restaurant. A clip from the film is seen below.

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