Kristen Bell Meets 9 Other Women Named Kristen Bell Who Are "Spreading Disappointment"

Kristen Bell Jimmy Kimmel H 2016

Kristen Bell Jimmy Kimmel H 2016

Kristen Bell made a bunch of new friends on Wednesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live! episode.

The Boss star was introduced to nine other women who share the same name — and are therefore "spreading disappointment" to those they meet because they are the wrong Kristen Bell.

"What a bunch of babes!" she said seeing their faces.

One woman asserted, "I'm the Kristen Bell." Another with the same middle name said, "I've been trying to get your social security number for a really long time." After meeting a third, who "jumps out of airplanes" for a living, Kimmel concluded, "All Kristen Bells are crazy."

The late-night host last staged this massive meet-and-greet with Julia Roberts.

Watch the video below.