Kristin Chenoweth Thinks Her 'Glee' Days Are Over

"I would love it," she says of reprising her guest gig, "but I don't think Ryan Murphy has any plans for April Rhodes."

On Tuesday's Dancing With the Stars, Kristin Chenoweth makes her second appearance in so many days to sing a track off her new album, Some Lessons Learned.

The petite 43-year-old actress, singer and Broadway vet met with reporters backstage at the show on Monday, and amidst talk of her recent foray into country music and explaining she won't ever be a DWTS contestant, she seemed to put the kibosh on a possible return to Glee.

"I don't think so," said Chenoweth. "I would love it, but I don't think Ryan Murphy has any plans for April Rhodes."

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She appeared in a total of three episodes of the Fox series as the endearing alcoholic who grew up with Matthew Morrison's Will Schuester. And while she may never reprise the role, it clearly has a special place in her heart.

"I sure loved her," she added. "She's a hot mess."

Chenoweth will probably be too busy for guest spots, anyways. She stars in ABC's midseason drama GCB (formerly Good Christian Belles). And being a part of the ABC family does not mean she's planning on appearing DWTS as a contestant.

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"I don't know that that's fair," she said, adding her Broadway advantage, showcased Monday in a performance of "Maybe This Time" from Cabaret, might preclude her from qualifying. "It's a totally different animal and beast than what we do on Broadway. What we do on Broadway is not easy, but our job is to make it look easy."

As for this season, she admits her allegiances are with friends Ricki Lake and David Arquette, but she's also quite fond of J.R. Martinez and Nancy Grace -- the latter of whom is a bit of a kindred spirit.

"I'm always going to go for the petite blonde," she said.