CW's New Drama 'L.A. Complex' Releases First Sneak Peeks (Video)

The upcoming series starring Cassie Steele and Jewel Staite premieres April 24.
"The L.A. Complex

The gritty side of Hollywood takes center stage on the CW's upcoming drama The L.A. Complex.

Starring Degrassi vet Cassie Steele, Firefly favorite Jewel Staite, Jonathan Patrick Moore, Andra Fuller, Joe Dinicol, Chelan Simmons and Benjamin Charles Watson, the Canadian series hits U.S. screens beginning Tuesday, April 24 at 9 p.m.

The CW has just released new promos for the hourlong drama, executive produced by Linda Schuyler, Stephen Stohn and Mertin Gero.

The L.A. Complex, the first six episodes of which have already aired in Canada with production starting up again shortly on new episodes, follows a group of young twentysomethings trying to make it big in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles.

The core group lives in an apartment-style motel, called The Deluxe Suites, and they quickly realize how ugly realizing the dreams may be.

Watch three previews below: