Lady Gaga's 'SNL' Promos Tackle Weight, Throwing Up and the Meat Dress (Video)

The singer will do double-duty this weekend as host and musical guest for the Nov. 16 show.

Lady Gaga takes the stage on Saturday Night Live this weekend, pulling double duty as host and musical guest.

In a run of SNL promos touting her upcoming stint, the ARTPOP singer -- decked out in a fancy black dress, blonde bob and a memorable hat -- and cast member Kenan Thompson do their best to bring a united front. Thompson even tries to win Gaga over by wearing a meat watch, a reference to the 2010 meat dress that she wore to the MTV Video Music Awards.

"Just be yourself!" Gaga insists. He takes a bite out of the lunch meat. "Maybe don't be yourself..." Gaga trails off.

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In another promo, Thompson and Gaga tackle issues surrounding weight. Thompson is seen talking to a lamp with a blonde wig over it, which he mistakes for the "Applause" singer. "Gaga, you look just like I remember you," he says to the lamp. "No, Kenan, I'm over here. That's a lamp," the real Gaga says. "Wait, what?! No!.. I can't tell the difference," Thompson says.

Another spot sees the duo faux-throwing up and having fun with a flashlight (aka Tinker Bell).

Watch below.

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