Lana Del Rey Takes 'Video Games' to 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' (Video)

Continuing her post-"Saturday Night Live" redemption tour, the singer offers another TV performance and leaves little room for backlash.
Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Lana Del Rey has faced a difficult challenge since her January appearance on Saturday Night Live. Each time she performs on television, a lot of people are tuning in to see if she'll mess up.

But that hasn't stopped her from heavily promoting her new album, Born to Die, hitting up Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night. The singer remains a tentative performer, largely keeping with her somber tone, but no one could accuse her of missing her mark.

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She followed her well-received turn on David Letterman with a similarly strong performance on Live. Offering up a similar rendition -- still wearing white, still backed by a pianist and string quartet -- she did get some new flavor from two oddly prominent Bud Light banners.

But Del Rey seems to be getting settled into one way of performing. Does it work for her?