Larry David and Jason Alexander Hate That Celebrities Have to Chat Backstage After Broadway (Video)

"Believe me, I'm not watching this thing every night!" David frankly told Jimmy Fallon.
Douglas Gorenstein/NBC
Larry David, Jason Alexander

Larry David stopped by The Tonight Show on Monday night to discuss his Broadway play Fish in the Dark, in which Jason Alexander is next set to star.

Because of the box-office hit the play has become, David joked, "I'm a shadow of my former self," and told Jimmy Fallon of his late-night show, "Believe me, I'm not watching this thing every night!"

The three of them debated the pros and cons of post-show chitchat, in which a special guest of a production goes backstage to visit the actors just after it ends.

"When you're a friend with somebody in the cast and it hasn't gone well, you have to go, 'You were!'" said Alexander.

But if the visit doesn't happen? "Oh, I guess he didn't like the show."

Watch the video below.