Larry David Narrates 'Daily Show' Obama Bio Film, 'It Could Have Been Worse' (Video)

The "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star offers an argument of debatable effectiveness for the president's re-election.

If there's one expert on exacerbating a difficult situation, it's Larry David. He's spent over two decades sending mild sociopaths into spiraling repute, so trust him when he says that things in America really could have been worse following the 2008 election.

Whether that's a compelling reason to re-elect President Obama is another thing entirely -- it all depends on the way you inflect your voice when you say the message, as it could apathetic, or like a dire warning.

Nonetheless, that's the theme behind this David-narrated short bio film that will debut tonight on The Daily Show, which contniues its coverage of the Democratic Convention. The show will air just around the time Obama's speech in Charlotte is scheduled to end, which means David's crack political punditry will be very well-timed indeed.

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