Larry David Returns to 'SNL' as Bernie Sanders: "I Hate Everyone"

Larry David Bernie Sanders SNL Still - H 2015

Larry David was back for more griping as Bernie Sanders on this weekend's Saturday Night Live.

The show's cold open featured Rachel Maddow (Cecily Strong) interviewing the Democratic presidential candidates, including Sanders, who was quick to respond with a query of his own.

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"I've actually got a question for you: What the hell is this tonight?" Sanders wanted to know about the MSNBC forum. "Why are we even doing this?"

Sanders offered up a unique way to deal with the nation's crumbling infrastructure. "I no longer drive on bridges or through tunnels," he explained. "It's too risky."

The presidential candidate added to Maddow, "Of course I hate you. I hate everyone."

He also explained that he wants his supporters to find potential donations within their furniture. 

"I only accept coins," Sanders said about his funding. "I just want nickels and pennies — the coins of the middle class. I'm Bernie Sanders, and I want your vacuum pennies."

Host Donald Trump did not appear in the sketch. Video is below.

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