Larry David Gives Miley Cyrus the 'Curb' Treatment in 'SNL' Promo

Saturday Night Live Miley Cyrus and Larry David Skit - Screenshot - H 2017

Who doesn't love a private elevator ride? That's what Larry David wants to know when he bumps into Miley Cyrus in the lobby of NBC Studios.

The Seinfeld creator is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, and in a promo for his second turn at hosting, he shares an uncomfortable moment with Cyrus, Saturday's musical guest, that plays just like a scene from HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm.

After putting it together that their casual bump-in is because they are both attached to Saturday's show, two elevators open up at once, and instead of getting in Cyrus' elevator, David opts to ride solo.

"Larry, where are you going? We can just ride up together, we're going to the same place," says a friendly Cyrus.

"Eh, it's not necessary," David responds. "I'll go up alone, and I'll see ya upstairs. I like a private ride. Who gets an elevator all to themselves? It's a fantastic thing!"

Cyrus, pulling a page out of Cheryl Hines' dismissive book from Curb, rolls her eyes and offers a, "Whatever, Larry."

David, the creator and star of Curb, who is currently playing out the shenanigans of his TV alter ego on the show's ninth season, also explained how he doesn't "get pumped" for anything — not even a hosting turn at the veteran Emmy-winning sketch series — in a second promo with Cyrus and SNL co-star Beck Bennett.

The show marks another onscreen reunion for David and Cyrus. The soon-to-be three-timer SNL musical guest reminded fans via her Twitter account of the Seinfeld-inspired Hannah Montana episode in which Montana (Cyrus) gets seated ahead of David and his daughters at a restaurant.

David, a former writer for SNL, made his Bernie Sanders impression famous during frequent visits to the show throughout the 2016 presidential-election campaign. He impersonated Sanders during then-presidential candidate Donald Trump's controversial hosting gig in November 2015 (where he also heckled Trump from the audience during his opening monologue), and Sanders himself made a cameo during David's first hosting gig in February of last year. The pair even found out they were distant relatives recently on PBS' Finding Your Roots.

As for what David has in store this time around, Curb executive producer Jeff Schaffer told The Hollywood Reporter to expect some surprises. "Everything Larry has planned, he would certainly like to be a surprise," said Schaffer. "Larry is so excited to do it, and he’s been in the office working on it. That’s all I’ll say about that."

Watch the SNL promos below.