Larry Hagman's Final Role: A Costco Employee on 'I Get That a Lot' (Video)

Larry Hagman DALLAS PR Image - P 2012
Mark Seliger/TNT

Larry Hagman DALLAS PR Image - P 2012

The death of Larry Hagman last November at age 81 robbed the world of an acting icon and producers of TNT's Dallas update of a star.

Hagman shot six of 15 upcoming Dallas episodes, requiring producers to rework the show's second season, debuting Jan. 28. But he also found time to squeeze in one last performance before his death -- playing himself, sort of.

Hagman was featured in an episode of I Get That a Lot, CBS's reality prank show in which celebrities are filmed doing some kind of menial job, and the public either recognizes them or doesn't.

In this case, Hagman plays a barbecue sauce salesman at a Costco. Turns out, a great many shoppers identified the man who once dreamed of Jeannie, before donning a ten-gallon hat to play Dallas' villainous J.R. Ewing.

Hagman's I Get That a Lot segment airs on CBS on Wednesday, Jan. 9 at 8 p.m.